What is TOBi?

Proudly  Made in America!


Temperature sensor

The protection for your medication starts with a built in temperature monitor. TOBi tells you when your medication is getting too hot or too cold.  A green LED tells you that your medication is at a safe temperature.

If your medication is getting too hot or too cold the green LED changes to yellow and an audible alarm sounds.

If your medication exceeds the recommended safe temperature the yellow LED changes to red and the audible alarm becomes more insistent. An additional alert LED illuminates and remains on to tell you that you’ve exceed the safe temperature of your medication, even after you return to a safe temperature.

Insulated case

In addition to the temperature monitor, TOBi is an insulated case. It’s designed to moderate the temperature of your medication when the environment is too hot or too cold. It also provide some impact protection for an active lifestyle.

The opening is covered with an insulated flap with a hook and loop fastener for easy and quick access to your medication. The flap bears a medical symbol to alert others that you are carrying medication.

Easy to carry

TOBi is easy to carry in a bag or on your belt. If it’s easy to carry, you’re more likely to carry your medication all the time.

The belt strap is heavy duty nylon webbing with a hook and loop fastener. This secures TOBi to your waist with simple on/off access without having to remove your belt.

The temperature monitor has just one button to mute and reset the alert LED.